Out Today (8/14) on Liquid Amber

“Noer The Boy’s confidence and production skill are clearly displayed as he effortlessly cuts elements in and out of the space while maintaining the track’s harsh energy.”
-Your EDM
Digital Dubplates is a new branch of the Liquid Amber family tree.  It focuses on digital-only, single-song releases from up-and-coming artists.
Says label boss DJ Shadow, “We wanted to be able to put out great songs on a more consistent basis, without necessarily waiting for the artist to generate a full EP. Sometimes it’s just about one strong track, and this allows us to get it in everyone’s ears that much quicker.”
First up to bat for Digital Dubplates is Oshkosh, Wisconsin’s Noer The Boy, whose single “Soda Pop” would be right at home on any given night at LA’s Low End Theory, and is already being played out by the likes of G Jones, Bleep Bloop, and Eprom. Noer prides himself on using off-the-wall homemade samples to create his unique style of beats, and much of this particular track was re-sampled from soda cans being struck in various ways. “I’m always beat exploring,” says Noer. “ I pull from a lot of abstract sounds and ideas and put them into this hip hop concoction.”
Noer The Boy is part of a monthly event in Wisconsin’s burgeoning beat scene, and has performed with Liquid Amber mainstays G Jones and Bleep Bloop in his home state, as well as at California’s Emissions Festival. He strives to mix the sound and style of modern bass music with the unpredictable song forms of Romantic era classical music, and avoids repetition as much as possible.
Stream & Download “Soda Pop” via Soundcloud HERE

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